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History and the present

The Children’s Art School named after M.A. Balakirev was based in 1966. It has begun with opening of several musical classes which have outgrown subsequently in evening musical school. Creation of children's musical school in its present format became a following step. First principal of the school Amalia Darchinjants managed to pick up teaching staff of highly skilled teachers.

In 1993 the school has been transformed to Children's School of Arts by the decision of the Government of Moscow and began to bear a name of the great Russian composer and public figure of XIX – XX centuries Milij Balakirev.

In November, 2000 the Children’s Art School named after M.A. Balakirev has moved to a new building on Ferganskaya Street, considerably surpassing previous in the sizes and equipment.

New conditions have allowed equipping educational premises for twenty two educational specializations. It has given the chance to choose a suitable direction of education practically for any child depending on its interests, preferences and abilities. Students are trained in following directions: instrumental music, choreography, drama, painting and sculpture, vocal and choral art, folklore, variety singing, innovative technologies in the field of arts /design, computer music, photo, cinema, television/. The special place is occupied with departments of computer music, computer graphics and design. Programs of these departments provide not only development and formation in art, but also considerable mastering by new technologies.

Since 2001 and to the present the school is headed by Lyudmila Komarova – the expert and the enthusiast of culture and education.


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