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The instrumental music department ľ one of the oldest at school. Teaching is carried out under programs "Piano", źString orchestra instruments╗, źWind instruments and percussion╗. Students of the department spend a lot of time on tours, perform on most famous concert stages of Moscow.

The department of Russian national instruments and Russian folklore includes two directions ľ źNational instruments╗ and źRussian folklore╗. Within the limits of the program źNational instruments╗ students are taught playing a bayan, an accordion, a domra, a balalaika and guitar. The program źRussian folklore╗ (one of the youngest at school) assumes training of children to bases of Russian traditional culture (customs and ceremonies, beliefs and a life, country manor and a national suit, music and poetry, history and art). The folklore group, created at school on the basis of the program źRussian folklore╗, regularly performs at various festivals and competitions, awarded with many awards.

The vocal and choral singing department is presented by educational programs źChoral singing╗, źClassic vocal singing╗, źVariety singing╗. There are four choruses of the different age within the limits of the program źChoral singing╗ which actively take part in performing activity. Many of students and graduates of programs źClassic vocal singing╗ and źVariety singing╗ are winners of numerous All-Russia and international competitions.

The choreography and theater department includes following educational programs: "Choreography", źDrama╗, "Music hall", źPuppet show ╗, źStage speech╗, źTelevision╗. Students of the program "Choreography" specialize on one of three directions: classical dance, ethnic dance, modern dance. On the basis of the program of ôDramaö children's theater "Miracle" was found, itĺs repertoire for today includes more than 10 performances. "Music hall" represents direction of children's variety art. The program źTelevision╗ allows children to familiarize with camera skill, installation, video equipment, bases of a photo and to receive an initial professional standard in a television direction.

The department of graphic and arts and crafts includes programs "Fine arts", "Arts and crafts" and źLandscape design╗. Students and teachers of the department are constant participants of various competitions and art exhibitions.

The department of innovative art technologies allows children to study bases of modern culture within the limits of programs źThe art photo╗, źComputer music╗, "Media-art", źComputer design╗, to study in ballroom dances in dancing ensemble "Masquerade". Educational-creative practice is obligatory for all of the students of the department.

The preparatory (preschool) department provides early esthetic education of children, gives necessary knowledge of the world and culture, promotes socialization and harmonious development of the person, prepares children for entering both in comprehensive school and in school of arts.

The information-methodical space of School includes a set of the structural divisions providing application of modern technologies of educational process for creative and esthetic education of children ľ the media center, television studio, sound recording studio, library, audio library, a games store etc. The prides of our school also are the Balakirevsky museum of art education and the school newspaper źBalakirevsky review╗.


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