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About us

The Childrens Art School named after M.A. Balakirev is a versatile educational institution of additional education of children. Children attend school of arts in addition to training at comprehensive school, in the free time.

The teaching staff carefully stores the best traditions, experience and innovative potential of domestic school of art education of children in various areas of culture and art.

For 45 years of the existence the school has entered into the world of creativity and culture more than 4 000 young Muscovites.

Now the school currently serves almost 2000 children and teenagers, about 200 teachers work at school, many of them are winners of the international competitions, owners of honorary titles and scientific degrees.

Students and performing groups of the school regularly take part in city, All-Russia and international competitions and festivals. Many of students are noted by awards, prizes, diplomas, grants, etc. Many graduates of school continue training in colleges and higher educational institutions of Russia such as the Moscow State conservatory named after P.Tchaikovsky, the Russian academy of music named after Gnesiny, etc.

For the versatile activity the Childrens Art School named after M.A. Balakirev is awarded numerous Russias and international official awards.

Inter-regional and international contacts of the Childrens Art School named after M.A. Balakirev cooperates on a wide spectrum of directions of educational, creative, scientifically-methodical work with colleagues from many regions of Russia and foreign countries. The school is the organizer of large cultural-educational projects such as Open Children-youthful competition of young musicians "Islamej"; Open competition of the fine arts and arts and crafts creativity "Russia"; the Moscow international festival of Slavic music; the Moscow open competition of new projects, researches and technologies in art education The Balakirevsky Project, etc.

The school carries out cooperation with embassies of Austria, Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, Lithuania, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, the USA, France, Czechia. Students, teachers and performing groups of the school spend a lot of time on tours, participate in creative competitions, festivals, exhibitions worldwide.


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